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Immunohistochemistry—anti-test reagent A-G series
Immunohistochemistry primary antibody test reagent

Detection principle: Immunoassy trubidimetry

Aplication items: CRP, PCT,SAA, EOFT, Thalassemia screeing project TBRT, COVID-19 test project and other projects

Application deparment : laboratory, pediatrics, emergency department, obstetrics, physical examination center,intensive care unit

Sample types: whole blood, serum, plasma, urin and other smaples


Sample range: cervical cells, sputum cells, urine, puncture tissue, etc. Both gynecological and non-gynecological specimens can be prepared and stained;

It has high throughput, is compatible with a variety of staining procedures, and the robotic arm runs fast;

The whole process of slide and staining is integrated, with separate temperature control and separate drip dyeing. Cell samples do not need to be embedded. After enrichment, the slide is directly loaded for staining;

It has the function of automatically mixing reagents and chromogenic solutions, eliminating the need for manual configuration, reducing the contact with toxic reagents and protecting the safety of pathological technicians;

Equipped with a color touch screen, the operation is simple, and the user can set the parameter process by himself and monitor the experimental process in real time;

There are sufficient reagent positions, and it has online reagent management functions, automatic statistics of reagent consumption, automatic detection of reagent remaining amounts, fault warning functions, etc.;

Equipped with instrument self-testfunction and component abnormality alarm function


Integrated preparation and dyeing, fully automatic cell transfer, sedimentation preparation, staining and other processes. Multiple samples can be processed at the same time, and detection items can be switched freely, greatly improving detection efficiency.

Excellent cost control and automated liquid circuit control module design reduce reagent consumption, pure water consumption and cleaning agent consumption, etc., helping the department improve operational efficiency:

The precise temperature and humidity control module system can effectively improve the efficiency of antigen-antibody reaction, maintain the stability of the reaction microenvironment, and ensure the quality of production.

High detection efficiency, multiple samples can be processed at the same time, detection items can be switched freely, reliable operation functions, samples can be monitored and processed uninterrupted, and detection time is short.

It adopts a fully enclosed design to protect the experimental process from external interference, avoid cross-contamination, and ensure biological safety. The professional structural design ensures the sensitivity of immunolabeling, the staining structure is clear, and the staining effect is ensured; the amount of preparation cells is sufficient, and the preparation The film effect fully meets the standard requirements.

Integrated touch control, simple operation, good flexibility, no need to configure an additional computer monitor, saving costs and reducing space occupation;

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