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The first show of the year! The Jee family unveiled at the 2023 Medlab Middle East exhibition in Dubai, UAE

     The 2023 Middle East MEDLAB laboratory medical equipment exhibition (Dubai) successfully concluded on February 9th. The Medlab Middle East exhibition in Dubai, UAE, is one of the most well-known and professional medical laboratory equipment exhibitions in the world. The colleagues in Qishi International Department went to Dubai early in February 4th to prepare for the exhibition, and on February 5th, they set up the booth. After a lot of effort, Qishi Biotech's booth officially appeared at the 2023 MEDLAB exhibition in Dubai on February 6th.



Qishi Biotech shined and received much attention at the MEDLAB Dubai exhibition with its brand strength, independently developed core technology, and high-quality products. The booth was visited by numerous inquiring customers and conducted in-depth discussions.


     During the 4-day exhibition, the number of visitors was constantly increasing and they came from all over the world, with the majority being from India, Russia, Turkey, and some African countries. Of course, there were also Asian and local UAE visitors. The exhibition showcased Qishi's independently developed fully automatic staining platform KS9800, fully automatic individual drop staining system KT5100, POCT thermostatic PCR detection instrument, immunohistochemical secondary antibody reagent kit, p16Ki-67 double staining reagent kit, IgY composite antibody liquid mask, COVID-19 test kit, blood oxygen meter, blood glucose meter. Through this exhibition, Qishi collected many inquiries from various countries and regions, and some domestic Chinese peers expressed strong interest in our products and hoped to start cooperation in the near future to promote the products nationwide and even worldwide.


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