Household product series
Pet product series
Immunohistochemistry—anti-test reagent A-G series
Immunohistochemistry primary antibody test reagent


For pre-processing of liquid based cell samples

Sample type

Gynecological and non-gynecological samples

Application scenario

Pathology, laboratory, gynecology and other departments, as well as third-party medical laboratory


Innovative technology

The cell storage container and cell enrichment device are combined into one, and the high-precision filter membrane is used for double filtration to remove the background (blood, mucus, inflammatory exudates, etc.) that affects diagnosis, and the cells are enriched.

This product technology has obtained the national invention patent, patent number

Strong compatibility

Compatible with all current natural sedimentation dyeing machines, the resulting section has a clean background, adequate cell number and uniform distribution, and firm adhesion without shrinkage.


Filtering times :2 times, 4 times

Sample size: A maximum of 24 samples can be processed at one time, and samples can be continuously loaded

Enrichment pattern: small number of cells, large number of cells

Production volume :>3 sheets (regular cell volume)

Processing time :<30 minutes /24 PCS

Compatibility: Suitable for all settling dyeing machines

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