Household product series
Pet product series
Immunohistochemistry—anti-test reagent A-G series
Immunohistochemistry primary antibody test reagent

Detection principle: immunoscattering turbidimetry

Applicable items :CRP, PCT, SAA, EOFT, Thalassemia screening program TRBT, COVID-19

Testing items and other items

Application Department: Laboratory, pediatrics, emergency department, obstetrics, physical examination center, intensive care unit Sample type: whole blood, serum, plasma, urine and other samples


Fast detection: Test speed >50 tests/hour

Easy to operate: Whole blood samples can be used, no need to do centrifugation, and the results can be measured quickly

Economy and environmental protection: less samples and reagents; The reaction cup is automatically cleaned and recycled


Sample bits :30

Reagent sites :12

Emergency room :2 response rooms :60

Reaction disk temperature accuracy: 1.0℃

Reaction plate temperature fluctuation :<2.0℃

Sample repeatability :CV<2%

Adding accuracy :< 5%

Reagent refrigeration :2~7℃

Carrying pollution rate :<1%

Precision :CV<5%

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