Household product series
Pet product series
Immunohistochemistry—anti-test reagent A-G series
Immunohistochemistry primary antibody test reagent

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Investment products

  1. Pathology Department Overall Solution
    (1) Fully automatic individual drop staining machine and nearly 200 types of immunohistochemical antibody reagents
    (2) Fully automatic cell block preparation machine
    (3) Sample transfer assistant
    (4) p16 and p16/Ki-67 immunohistochemical staining reagent kit
    (5) TCT detection reagent
    (6) Other pathology department reagent consumables, etc.

  1. POCT Product Series

(1) Specific protein analyzer

(2) Serum amyloid A (SAA) detection reagent kit

(3) Procalcitonin (PCT) detection reagent kit

(4) C-reactive protein (CRP) detection reagent kit

(5) Erythrocyte osmotic fragility (EOF) detection reagent kit (one-tube method) (Invention Patent No.: 2019108335788)

  1. Pet Test Card Series

(1) Canine coronavirus test card

(2) Rabies virus test card

(3) Feline coronavirus test card

(4) Feline infectious peritonitis virus test card

(5) Feline herpesvirus test card

(6) Feline calicivirus test card

(7) Toxoplasma gondii test card

  1. Qishi Oral Bacteriostatic Solution (Liquid Mask)

  2. COVID-19 Test Kit Series

(1) COVID-19 Antigen Test Kit Series

(2) COVID-19 Neutralizing Antibody Test Kit Series

(3) COVID-19 Antibody Test Kit Series

  1. Cervical cancer screening sampling box, oral cancer screening sampling box, etc.

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