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Automatic cell block preparation machine KT5100 prep is an automated cell block production equipment, mainly used in cytopathology to make cell specimens into cell blocks, and then stain the cells to detect and diagnose diseases.

Molecular pathological detection is a new direction in the development of cytopathology. Automatic cell block preparation machine can be used for in situ hybridization, RCR detection, gene polymorphism analysis, gene sequencing and other molecular pathological detection.

Cell block is the bridge to the future of cytopathology, and it is the key technology to use cytological specimens for tumor diagnosis, classification, therapeutic target detection, prognosis evaluation, recurrence monitoring and so on.

Cell block technology can make the morphology of cells more clear, can obtain the information of organization structure, and can be applied

In immunocytochemical staining, molecular pathology detection, special color and other technical methods.

The cell block technology adopts innovative principles and technical methods, and has the advantages of high quality, high efficiency, fast speed and economy

Many technical advantages have opened a new era of cell block technology.


Simple method

The cell suspension is added to a special centrifugal tube substrate for liquefaction, and the cell blocks are prepared by centrifugation and cooling. The actual operation time is only 5 minutes.

Cell segregation

Through the joint action of molecular sieve, viscosity and centrifugal force of matrix, tumor cells and cell masses are separated from normal cells, cell fragments, protein precipitates, mucus, etc.

Cell ordering

The separated cells are arranged in an orderly manner, and the tumor cells and cell masses are located at the bottom layer and are first cut into slices.


Every detail

Using a special centrifugal tube (matrix) with a small inner diameter, it is possible to make tiny cells into cell blocks, so that all clinical cytological specimens can be sliced.

High quality and easy diagnosis

Tumor cells and cell masses are separated and enriched in a plane, with high abundance of target cells, easy access to tissue structure information, and less interference components, which is also useful for making a definitive diagnosis. The method can be standardized and standardized to facilitate quality control.

Efficient removal of red blood cells

The red blood cells in the specimen were efficiently removed using red blood cell lysate, with no effect on the morphology of the target cells and subsequent analysis methods.

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