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In the fourth quarter of "I Want to Invest", the CEO launched a massive attack!

    The fourth season of the venture capital variety show "I Want to Invest" has returned as scheduled amidst widespread attention!

In the fourth episode of the program, we welcomed the emergence of our CEO. Through the successful accumulation of the first three seasons, multiple companies have begun to enter the public eye, and their entrepreneurial dreams have been successfully brought to the big screen. Most of the projects that have advanced to the finals have completed financing with the participation of frontline venture     capital institutions. At 20:30 every Friday evening, the fourth season of "I Want to Invest" has been simultaneously broadcasted on Hunan International Channel and Tencent Video.

"This is what I believe is the best venture capital program I have done so far."

——Xiong Gang, founding partner and chairman of Bank of Australia Capital

"What attracts me the most about this program is the exchange and collision of ideas."

——Star investor Hu Haiquan

    The popularity of "I Want to Invest" continues to rise in the fourth quarter, transforming the previously "hidden" financing roadshow into a variety show. More good projects are known and understood by financial institutions and the general public, and the "empowering power" of cultural and creative industries is increasing day by day in various fields of the new area. When he appeared, the president first gave a detailed introduction to the company within the ten minute limit of the program.


    Jushi is a company that integrates production, research and development, and service. Currently, it has nearly 10,000 square meters of production and service space. It is a national high-tech enterprise and also a technology-based enterprise certified by the Torch Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology. Jushi has also entered the Ministry of Commerce's export white list. Currently, our products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, making our due contributions to the health service of the society.


    The entrepreneur is a doctor

    Innovative in vitro diagnostic reagents create a gospel for patients


    After the first two local Hunan athletes, our president came on stage!

    When talking about the opportunity to enter the industry with the host, the president told the story of his father's medical career with deep feeling. His father suffered from neurogenic deafness due to taking antibiotics in the past, and he studied medicine to cure his father's disease. Realizing that diagnosis precedes treatment, innovative diagnostic instruments and reagents can help doctors improve diagnostic accuracy and reduce unnecessary harm and side effects to patients caused by medication.


    Mr. Chen Jun, one of the Dreambuilders, showed strong interest in the short conversion cycle of his products from research and development to implementation. The CEO candidly said, "Some key products have already been developed before starting internal entrepreneurship, and we invited external experts to cooperate and jointly realize product transformation and implementation." This answer dispelled Mr. Chen Jun's doubts, and he praised the CEO as an entrepreneur with "the spirit of China's Top 500 enterprises".


    In the program, the president introduced our professional R&D team. Relying on the president's years of management and marketing experience in Mindray and BGI, we have developed the first batch of products in China to enter the POCT self-testing list in the UK and France. They have also been applied by the Royal Hospital and grassroots welfare institutions in Thailand, and have become a well-known brand in the local area.


  The president also specifically mentioned in the program that the fully automatic immune cell and tissue chemical staining system we have developed combines the characteristics of cytology and histology, and can achieve dual targets of p16 and E7, including drop-type equipment for fully automatic staining systems. We currently hold multiple invention patents and utility model patents for technologies such as cell enrichers and cell membrane coating. In the course of population development, we face many pathological health issues such as infectious diseases and tumors, and we have always followed the precise early screening concept proposed by the country.


    Nowadays, brands such as BD, Roche, and Leica have occupied a large portion of domestic top-tier hospitals. In this regard, we have also made significant breakthroughs. In terms of the automation level of cytological testing, our product is far superior to domestic and some imported products. Our goal is to benchmark with first-class IPs such as Roche and QiSi and companies in precision diagnosis, to further expand our R&D cognitive boundaries.


    The product we are currently developing can predict the development of breast cancer early and widely through serum testing using the LDT method. KT5100 is a fully automatic immunohistochemical staining system for individual drop staining, and we are confident that this product can be widely used globally.


    At the same time, based on the model of the fully automatic immunohistochemical staining system, we have also developed a cytology instrument - the fully automatic staining machine KS9800. This is the fastest cytology staining instrument in China, suitable for primary to tertiary hospitals, and can achieve large-scale screening. It is an innovative development based on molecular immunology clinical targets.


    The p16 detection kit is one of our flagship products, which has been recommended by the American Society of Pathology, the American Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology, as well as the Chinese Guidelines for Diagnosis and Treatment of Cervical Cancer.

In this episode, the president not only answered the tough questions from the capital partners with ease, but also achieved outstanding results in the subsequent entrepreneurial star value injection segment. Interested friends can watch with us every Friday night at 8:30 PM on Hunan International Channel and Tencent Video! For more exciting clips related to the program, please visit our Xiaoyuyi WeChat video channel for more information!

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