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Its cervical cancer self-test product is a more convenient, private, and accurate gynecological self-test product, which mainly addresses the following problems: 1, to solve the user's privacy issues, clinical cervical cancer screening needs to be sampling clinicians, with reagents and dilator used, the user's personal privacy is greatly violated, which is also one of the pain points of cervical cancer screening, users are psychologically reluctant to do screening because of privacy issues; 2, to solve the problem that the user detection process is too cumbersome, p16 immune cytochemical detection is currently only carried out by the hospital, the user test process is: go to the hospital - registration - doctor issued a test list - go to the sampling room sampling - leave the hospital - get the test report, the process is too cumbersome, and modern women work complicated, lack of time.

The project only needs to take samples according to the operation, collect cell samples at home, return them to the laboratory or institution, conduct pathological testing through professional immunocytochemical staining pathological testing equipment and p16 protein detection reagent technology, and report and query online. The process is simple and easy to realize.

The use process of this product is as follows: The user obtains the product online or offline, unwraps the product self-sealing bag, fills in the informed consent form, watches the operation process or operation video (corresponding to the mini program), takes the sample by himself, scans the two-dimensional code on the sample information card (the two-dimensional code is consistent with the preservation liquid code), fills in the personal information through the mini program and sends it back to the laboratory for p16 immunocytochemical detection, 7 natural days later, Users can view cervical screening results on the mini program.

Screening for the p16 cervical cancer program is recommended for the following:

(1) Unprotected sex;

(2) Family history of cervical cancer;

(3) Often soak in public baths or hot springs;

(4) pregnant women/poor eating habits;

(5) Early marriage and early pregnancy/prolonged menstrual period;

(6) symptoms of condyloma have appeared;

The "Cervical cancer Home self-test series" developed by Company at present provides a medical-grade cervical cancer screening service at home. It is a simple operation operation. Users just need to take a sample at home, and it enables them to perform a number of routine cervical cancer screening programs without the need for hospital registration, the difficulty of asking for leave at work, and the embarrassment of being examined by a male doctor.

Early detection, prevention, all-round care of women's health.

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